My Nubian King

He's a breath of fresh air,
His love is strong enough to carry me,
He's hypnotic.
A voodoo priest and my love is my sacrifice.
His brown sugar sweetening my heart.
And I crave for him.
Diabetic for his honey,
Hungry for his body,
His very being.
He is I; I am he.
Caught in his aura of sexuality.
Blue, yellow, red, purple.
A mesh of colours blended
By God.
The meaning of picture perfect.
Like caramel, he melts in the mouth.
We love exclusively.
Different, unique.
Top of the class.
He ignites me with passion,
Consuming my day and night, I imagine heaven being his birth place.
Righteous, perfect, supreme,
From a dream.
He fell and blessed me,
With his love.
I thank God from above.
He still has the power to leave me...speechless.
My Nubian King.

Inspired by Jill Scott's Who Is? album, I wrote this in college and just recently found it, I love this poem, really sensual, I hope I get another burst of creativity soon! x


  1. That's lovely...x

  2. Nice Poem!!! At posh we are poetry fanatics! First time on your blog and love it. U'll definitely be seeing more of us on the blog

    Posh Admin

  3. really do love this poem...x

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  4. I LOVE THIS!! And I love that you were inspired by Jill Scott's "Who Is" album, that is one of my favorites :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. beautiful! you've motivated me to get back to my pen and paper combo and write some poetry!

    my favorite line: diabetic for his honey!

    girl you better preach!!! <33



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