The Simple Things In Life Pt 2 (Picture Heavy)

My favourite foundations!

Playing around with my camera!

Legend Ring!

My Summer Bromance <3

Playing with eye shadows!

GHD's are the way forward plus check out my shoes from Office! £8! Bargain! :)

The view from my road on the way to work! Had to take a pic!

Amateur photography, Leopard Body = Topshop, Trousers = Vila@ASOS,  Blazer = H&M

Mini buffet I whipped up!

View from Allie Pallie!

Nigerian British Wedding! :)

My dear friends baby shower pressies, had soooo much fun that weekend, great company and food! :)

One of my many ELF hauls!

Pure Sinful Goodness!

My Room! 

Nike Plimsols! <3 My Joe Z!

New Shoes? ASOS!

My mums blazer which now belongs to me!

My first GlossyBox, pleasantly surprised!

What we get up to at!

A product of my bromance! <3

It's been an eventful summer, bring on the winter! 




  1. Love all the pictures... Girl what time do you go to work? I never see those times lol

  2. Very creative post, I love the collage of pictures.

  3. Ohhh Natalie there's so much greatness in this post especially that coloring sheet omg, I love it! haha and that yummy waffle, your room wall paper, that tatoo, and that sunset beautiful!!!

    thanks for all the love girl :D


  4. Nigerian Weddings are THE (1) ONE

  5. love the shoe and your tattoo is just sooo cute xoxo

  6. That leopard look is to DIE!! LOVES will be joining!! Please come visit me at



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