Sunday Session #2

Hola Subbies old and new!
What has been going on this week?
Well this week has probably been one of my most and least productive weeks in a long time.
I am putting my healthy eating into play, keeping to a low carb, high in protein diet, it seems to be working slowly but surely.
I will put up my full weight loss goals and so on soon so you guys can read about  my battle with weight loss.
I even started the gym today, I was sweating bucket loads on my induction and I have only been on the damn machine for about 5 mins...SO UNFIT! But practice makes perfect!
Uni work wise I have been soooo unproductive, I have a 15 page report due for Friday but my motivation levels are at an all time low with uni work. I need to get them back up to standard as there are only 12 teaching weeks left of university and I need to make a start on my dissertation.
I also feel like God has been sending me signs this week, I asked my mum how do you know if God is making a way for you or if you are making it for yourself and ignoring God. 
That week I found a book called Knowing God's Will by Bob Gass and I also came across this video...

I guess I know the answer now!
Hope everyone's week has been blessed!

BTW Who watched the season finale of Awkward Black Girl!?!



  1. I pray you get the motivation to get your work done because I know exactly how tough that final year can be.

    I totally forgot about the ABG season finale! *runs off to youtube*

  2. Thanks, keep me in your prayers! I need it! Lol!


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