DOS 1st Birthday!

It has OFFICIALLY been a YEAR since Discoveries Of Self popped it's lil head up into the blogging world and it hasn't looked back since!
I remember reading blogs such as Meek-N-Mild and Bleurgh and just being so inspired!
I thought I love this, I love reading these blogs, I want to be part of this community.
So Discoveries Of Self was born!
I am soooooo grateful to everyone who has subscribed, commented and checked out the blog on passing as it is such a mismatch of so many items, it's nice to know that people still read it!

When I am less poor I will run a belated birthday giveaway!

Thank you all!!!



  1. Happy 1st !

  2. happy first bday !!! and well done :) xoxo

  3. awww congrats on your blog anniversary :) x

  4. Thank you so much ladies for reading and thank you for your comments! :) x

  5. Happy forst bday DOS


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