Which is EXACTLY how I felt when I had this picture taken!
New year means new look so I had my AMAZING hairdresser hook me up with my new install and make up to match.
I went longer with my hair opting for 24" (I may cut it back down to 22" however, we'll see how well I adjust) with a closure piece as my hair needed it!
This is my first time wearing a closure and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.
The hair I purchased was from Ali Express - Queen Hair, I have purchased from them before (you can see the hair in my previous posts since July) and I can safely say that I like this hair, yeah its not 100% tangle free but it's affordable and long lasting.
The closure I also purchased from Ali Express, as this is my first time wearing a closure I can't give an honest review but will do an initial one in a few weeks or so.
So far really liking this hair, will probably trim a little off the ends and dye it burgundy or honey blonde (Beyonce style) dependant on how I feel so stay tuned!

Please see below for all details:


 24, 24, 20, 18
Click HERE to get to the store.


16" free parting closure
Click HERE to get to the store

My Fabulous Hairdresser:

Le Dutches does everything from installing to professional colouring and cutting on Afro and European hair, she is my go to gal!!!
 I have been using her and no one else for my weave for 4 years!
She also did the make up for my look which I LURVEE!

Now to make a decision on my new hair colour. 

What do you guys think subtle and sassy burgundy, Beyonce blonde or a bold and in ya face colour ?

Any suggestions?


  1. I love your hair it looks so fierce! You need to hook me up with your hairdresser I need sick hair like this for graduation.

    1. Thanks my love! All her details are above! x

  2. Girrrrllll! That hair is amaze <3

  3. You look fabulous :)

  4. FIERCE indeed!!! I love this picture of you xx

  5. Hi dear. would like to know if this is the natural state (curl pattern) of the hair and how it held up

    1. Hi Lape, yes this is the natural curl pattern, the hair held up very well, I'm wearing it today however I cut it down to around a 12 inch since this picture, the curl pattern does disappear over time and you're left with a nice wave instead but I'm very very very low maintenance when it comes to hair.


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