Dress: Dorothy Perkins
If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen what I got up to this Tuesday.
I attended my graduation ceremony!
I passed my course in July however I missed the summer graduation so went to the January ceremony instead.
But mama was proud and that was the main thing!

All in all the day was slightly stressful, travelling by train to Leicester and back again with your family whilst trying to get to places on time is not the most enjoyable task in the world.
I can't deny it though, I did feel a sense of pride. I had finally completed something even if it was 3 years later than the rest of my friends.

University was perhaps one of the most challenging part of my life to date.
I found it hard being away from my friends, being over 21 and not making the same choices in life that my friends were, essentially I still felt like a child whilst being at university, a trapped child.
But I knew I had to persevere and with the help of my immediate family and close friends (aka extended family) 
I made it and I am VERY happy!

I want to take another moment to announce another small victory. My graduation dress was a size 10! 
For someone who used to wear a size 22, I feel as though I am winning this year!
I am truly blessed!


  1. Hi Natalie,
    Congrats on your graduation! I know what you mean about finding Uni difficult!! And seriously wow at going from a 22 to a 10, thats amazing!

    Liv x

  2. Wow you look great, can you please do a weight loss blog?

    1. Since I've already loss the weight that might be a bit difficult but I will make a post about it in the not too distant future! x

  3. hun, i also graduated this july but unfortunately for me i weigh 16 stones. i almost didn't attend graduation because i hate how i look. can u do a post about your weight loss to inspire some people cuz u look amazing. no excess skin and you look young. i am 5'4 and 22, and i feel like i'll look horrible if i lose weight.

    1. Hey gorgeous! Never ever hate the way you look, I'm sure you are just the epitome of perfection! I'll have a post up soon detailing my weight loss for you, but I think it's important to remember that it's how you feel on the inside that's the most important, once you have that down you'll look great in whatever you wear and whatever you do! x


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