Beauty Lush List

Beauty Lush List


I’m a shopaholic!
A beauty shopaholic.
I have no idea where this obsession came from but in some cases, this obsession is slightly cheaper than your average shoe shopaholic.
Anyway, enough with trying to justify this, let me tell you about the beauty goodies I’ve been lusting over lately! 

1. Make Up Geek Eyeshadows Ultimate Palette – I have been lusting over these for ages! After coming across Marlena’s Youtube page and seeing how pigmented her eyeshadows were and how gorgeous the colours were, I fell in love! These eyeshadows are a fraction of the MAC shadows and great for beginners or MUAs!

2. La Femme Blushes – No brainer really! Another case of great value and high pigmentation. I’ve begun to fall in love with blushes especially oranges however I would love to try out some of the Fuchsia shades that La Femme offer!

3. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in 6.5 Warm Almond – Sometime last year I booked myself one of Bobbi Brown’s Complimentary Make Up Lessons at Westfield White City. The consultant Lea was super helpful and one of the products she used and recommended for me was Skin Foundation. Very lightweight and natural, I loved the look and have been meaning to purchase this ever since.

4. Topshop Blush Stick in Acting Up – I had to throw this some Twitter love! Every so often a Topshop email ends up in my inbox and contains an item that makes me fall in love, in this case it was this blush stick. As you have already read above, I am now becoming blush obsessed, especially orange blushes! I have never owned a cream/waxy blush but when I saw Acting Up I knew that we were meant to be! I think this would be perfect for summer…if we ever get it. *sad face*

5. OCC Lip Tar in Black Dhalia – Yooooooo! This colour is GORGEOUS! I happened to come across this colour whilst browsing blogs and I immediately decided that I needed it in my life. Black Dhalia is a deep wine berry colour that sits gorgeously on lips (go on Google it, I’m sure you’ll agree!)
I am waiting to see if OCC are going to be at IMATS for a cheeky lil discount if not I think I will have to shell out the moola for this bad boy!

6. Lime Crime Candy Future Lipstick in Poisonberry – I’m on a mission guys! To find the perfect purple lip! Don’t ask me why! I just am damnit!! And I believe Poisonberry could help me out greatly with my mission. Posionberry is described as an opaque (winning!) violet purple berry, I mean, cmonnn! You cant get more purple than this! Absolutely lusting! All I need is a great lipgloss to go over it. 
Any suggestions?

What do you think about my beauty lush list?

Does anyone else have a beauty lush list?

Create a post and leave the link below! 

Would love to see them and cheekily find out about more amazing beauty products!



  1. April 10, 2013 / 14:49

    Great list hun, I love the BB skin foundation its amazing and looks so natural bought myself one recently. Also want Lafemme blushes&more occ liptars. My list is neverending lol

    • April 10, 2013 / 15:20

      The same as mine! It's a problem! Lol!

    • April 15, 2013 / 09:02

      Thanks Sammy! I am in love with the make up palette! The colours are so pigmented.

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