Sun, Sea and Sand

Camel watching/OOTD/Sunbathing/
Shisha/Tunisian Dessert/Sunset/
More Sunbathing/Mountains From Up High/Selfie
This Sunday I came back from Tunisia 6 shades darker and feeling relaxed!
I went for 4 days on my own and let me tell you I enjoyed every single day of my vacay!
Above are some shots of what I got up to, to be honest most of my holiday consisted of myself sunbathing so not a lot of pictures. 
Check out that camel, I caught it staring at me one day, I was so scared!

In other news A LOT of exciting posts up and coming for DOS!
I've shopped until I have dropped and have a tonne of new products to review so watch out for my up and coming posts!

If there is a particular product that you would like me to look into or review send me an email (check my 'Contact Me' page) and I will let you know what I can do! :)

I have also hooked myself up with a trusty new cam so clearer pictures and more videos to come! 
I would film now but alas, falling asleep in the sun with sunglasses on leads to your whole face tanning sans your eye area...I am now the owner of a very obvious two toned face. Sigh.

Also guys keep an eye out on DOS, I'm launching my second ever giveaway next month!
I have some very exciting beauty goodies to give away!


  1. Amazing photos!!! Looks like you had the time of your life! I can't wait to go on some vacays this summer!

    -Chymere A.

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed it! It was great!! :) xx

  2. It looks like you had fun for all of us.

  3. Looks like you had a great time. I need a beach holiday on my own, it would be great to just have time out for myself.

    1. I really did! I'd recommend it to all! x

  4. So jealous! You look like you had a really good time. I'm thinking of taking a holiday by myself later this year too. How was it?

    1. I had a great time, it was fab and I do recommend it, just make sure you go somewhere you're comfortable being! x


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