Shopping My Stash: Festive Bronze

As a beauty blogger and makeup collector (I think 'addict' is too strong of a word) I find myself in constant battle regarding the need for more makeup or not.
The dialogue goes a bit like so...

"Oh my gossssh, that gold eyeshadow is a-ma-zing, look at how beautiful it is, but...I already have a gold eyeshadow, in fact I have like 4...yeah but I don't really have one that's this beautiful...actually yeah, I probably do...but it is so beautiful...I MUST HAVE IT!"
And thus another item is added to my never ending collection.

Now this may not be such a bad series of events if you're an MUA or aspiring to become one, but I am neither of these things, I just like make up!

So in the spirit of all things thrifty I decided to shop my stash to avoid spending frivolous money on more make up (cough cough, I am still coming for you Heroine lipstick.)

I have A LOT of products that I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with but placed to the side when new products caught my eye which is not only a shame but also sometimes a waste of money.

So last night whilst I was having a play with some of the products that I had bought during summer and placed to the side, I decided to use them to create a super easy festive look with glitter.
uk black beauty bloggers nude lips
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For this look I grabbed several products that were literally collecting dust in my collection.

Firstly for my base I used my Touche Eclat Foundation in B70 from YSL. I had heard so many great things about this foundation so I had to pick it up. The finish of this foundation is DIVINE! So fresh and flawless, it instantly gives your skin a glow, the only negative I have to say about this is that it's too light for me as a base and this is the main reason why I do not reach for it as frequently as I would like to. I've had to warm up my face with my bronzer for these pictures which is a shame because I really do love this foundation.

Next for the eyes which were SUPER simple!
I simply placed some of NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Bronze on my lid, blended it out and then applied one of the most gorgeous glitters around on top of that.

Now, let me start off by saying I'm not actually that fond of glitter at all, to be honest I'm indifferent to it, a majority, if not all looks work just as well with a shimmery shade, however I decided to pick up what I thought was a pigment at IMATS but when I got home I realised pigments were actually called 'pigments' at MAC and not 'Reflects,' alas I worked with what I had.

I placed MAC's Reflects Bronze on top of the jumbo pencil using a damp synthetic brush. Until now I had never really realised how beautiful this glitter was, it's not as chunky as normal glitter but it has texture unlike pigments which gives you the perfect amount of subtle sparkle as you can see above. 

Then lips!
You guys know about my love of red lips but most times when you go heavy on the eyes it's best to keep the lips simple so I decided to change it up and reach for one of my Sleek Lip4 palettes.

I had bought 4 of these palettes during the summer but I had sadly never really used them.
I reached for the Havana palette which holds some beautiful brown tones and nudes. 

I firstly lined a majority my lips with NYX's Cocoa lip liner, I then applied the shade Frappucino to the center of the lips and blended well. Afterwards I added my favourite lip gloss NYX's lip gloss in Miami Babe to warm up the colour a little and then some of Hard Candy's Plexi Gloss on top of that for a subtle shine.

And voila!

The result, the above super simple festive look!
I hope you like!
Just goes to show what gems you can create by looking around at what you already have!

What do you think of this look?
Do you shop your stash?
If not, do you think you will do now?


  1. As always I love your beauty posts Nat. I've decided to shop my stash as I really have no space for new makeup! I've even got rid of some of my lipsticks.

    1. Thank you Jess! :) It's the best way, I am telling you, you find some gems! And I think I need to look over my lippies too, managed to get rid of a few but I know I could get rid of some more, it's just a bit difficult letting go! Lol! x

  2. Gorgeous! Not much of a fan of glitter either; I've never actually seen it worn that well away from runway looks. This is lovely though, might chase down a few of the products you've mentioned.

    1. Believe me I'm the same, I think a lot of people go overboard with glitter but MAC's Reflects glitters are not too chunky so it's hard to go overboard, either that or try pigments! :) x

  3. Your skin looks so flawless. I have always wanted to try this foundation but have been a bit put off by the price tag x

    1. Thank you Gemma, you can thank YSL for that, but yes it is a lil pricey, I had to sit down and think about it for a while but it's worth it for the quality! :) x

  4. cant breath - you look bloody gorge x

    1. AHAHA! Jen, legend! Thank you lovely! x

  5. You look great! What did you use for blush?

    1. Thanks lovely! I used Inglot's blush in 41 x

  6. Loving the bronze look! Love NYX cosmetics too! it's great re-discovering things you'd forgotten about!

    You've inspired me to shop my makeup stash next, I've just done my shoes and have a pair of cozy boots for cold weather!!

    DIAMO x

    1. Thank you lovely! :) Shopping your stash is such a great way to utilise all the products you have, it's really fun too! xx


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