Madison Street Beauty Take 2

I had to do it again...I'm obsessed with Madison Street Beauty.
The mineral shadows they sell are gorgeous and so pigmented and super affordable (especially when their sales come around,) according to the internet this is because MSB allegedly sell repacked minerals (minerals that have been bought and resold without any adjustments) but I don't mind at all!
I'm starting to build up a collection of these beauties, if you haven't already check out my previous post HERE
In this haul I decided to pick up a few face products too such as highlighters, a blush and a bronzer!

Glowing Bronze - Bronzer
Green Tea
Nectar - Blush
Baked Bronze - Bronzer
Tahiti - Matte Bronzer
Desert Sands
Bare Coral
L-R: Nectar, Tahiti, Terracota, Sedona, Green Tea, Cocoa
L-R: Bare Coral, Desert Sands, Redcurrant, Baked Bronze, Glowing Bronze, Bluebonnet
I'm most excited about utilising Bluebonnet, Desert Sands and Cocoa, such gorgeous colours!

Natalie x

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