GRWM // Stay Don't Stray

I'm really getting into the swing of making videos!
Yes, they're not perfect and my lighting is questionable but I'm really enjoying making them and editing them, I even learning new skills on the way!
This is my first GRWM video, you would have already seen this look HERE but I decided to film a tutorial on it as asked in the comments.
I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with my videos!

Natalie x


  1. Hey, love your blog and your youtube channel - do you ever think you'd do a make up collection/storage video? I would love to see one from you.

    1. Hey lovely! Thank you so much! Can definitely do a collection video sometime, my storage is appalling right now, we're talking bags and random drawers, lol! When I get better storage will do a video on that too!


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