Kinda Unplanned But Let's Talk...

Hi lovelies!

I would like to take the opportunity to say Happy New Year as I didn’t get the chance to in my last post.

Without going too overboard (mostly because I’m terrible when it comes to really putting what I want to say in words) I would like to say thank you so much for all of your support for myself and my blog.

2014 has been an odd year for me, challenging is probably a better word, in fact one of the most challenging personally, but blog wise, Discoveries Of Self has really grown. My readership has grown, my blogging style has improved, I’ve been happy with my blog posts, I’ve worked with brands, met some awesome people and really got the opportunity to hear from you guys and talk to you (my favourite part!) and I forever keep in mind that this is because of you guys, without your love and support I would have put DoS to the side, but the comments, questions, requests just pure interaction I get with you guys spurs me to continue with my passion and enjoy it!

I know in this day and age blogging has changed, it’s become more numbers focussed which can suck all the fun out of it but I’ve remained keeping this a hobby which doubles as my passion.
I don’t post strategically, as of today I am yet to make money from this blog and I do not count my subscriber rate, I’m purely doing this because I enjoy it and it makes me feel amazing that you guys share my enjoyment for all things makeup.

I can currently say that I’ve gained some amazing opportunities and hit some crazy milestones from DoS and that includes hitting 1000+ subscribers on YouTube and now being one of Yahoo Lifestyle UK Girls On The Ground which just blows me away.

I don’t really sit down to think of my achievements if I’m being honest, I don’t know why but the other day I was sitting there thinking, wow Natalie, in 4 years you have built a brand, a site from nothing just from your passion, developed new skills (basic photography, video/photo editing, social media) learnt/taught myself about makeup from YouTube from knowing NOTHING, gained absolute confidence in my decisions, started working with brands and now I’m blogging for not only my readers but Yahoo Lifestyle readers too, like wow! Who would’ve thought it? All whilst staying true to myself, it’s crazy!

Obviously there are times when I don’t want to blog, feel uninspired, feel like I’m one of the underdogs, feel like I have to work a little bit harder as a WoC beauty blogger but these times don’t last too long, I give myself the time and space I need to get out of the funk and come back determined and focussed.

For 2015 I don’t think I have any specific blogging plans/goals except to keep on doing what I’ve been doing, not for the money or for the numbers but because I love it and because you guys seem to love it too.

As you can see this post is a bit disjointed but this is how I am when I just go ahead and type, I hope you guys don’t mind.

So to wrap all of this up, I wanna say thank you guys so much.

All of what I’ve written would not be possible without you and God of course.

I’ve forever grateful, thankful and blessed.

Here’s to progression, faith, inspiration and love for all of us in 2015!

Much love!

Natalie x


  1. I am here with you. Continued success, God bless you

    1. Thank you so much! One of my channel's first YouTube subscribers from when I started out too, thank you for your continued support, it means so much. <3


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