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So I'm getting to about that time in the year where my focus is shifting more towards clothes than makeup.

This happens about once or twice a year (depending on the weather and how I feel about my body) right now if I'm being honest I'm not the biggest fan of my body  but I dunno, I don't see why I still can't rock some killer 'fits, right?

As per usual I'm going for the whole tomboy/airy maxi/touch of femininity vibe with some colour which is different for me but ASOS do have some killer pieces. 
I mean those heels, LOVE!

Anyways, feel free to have a shop through (pics are clickable and affiliated) but promise me you wont buy everything out, your girl is trying to look a lil fly this summer and I'm not trying to see the infamous "Out of stock :-(" sign

Nat x

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