If you wish to use any photographs on my blog that have been taken by myself please ask first.
 I normally have no problem with my photographs being used but as you can understand I would like to be made aware of where they are being used and if they are being linked back to DoS.
To use a photograph please email me or use my Contact page. 
You should hear back within 24 hours.


Although a majority of the products featured on DoS are purchased by myself for review purposes, I am also lucky enough to work with some great brands for product reviews.
If I am sent a product to review or show to my readers/viewers this will be indicated with an asterix (*) in the post (as of November 2016) 
I will also mention in the post that the item has been sent for my consideration and to review.
It is important to know that although I am sent from items time to time to review or show to my readers/viewers I am not obligated to review every product sent to me.

Affiliate Links

DoS uses affiliate links.

In the simplest terms, an affiliate link is a product link or ad in a post from which a person may earn commission from.
If you were to click on that link and then purchase an item from the site that the link directed you to I would earn a very small percentage commission on that sale. 
For a more in-depth explanation visit my favourite source of information - Google.

Affiliate links are normally in pink text via the body of the post on my blog and I will also state at the beginning of each post in pink, if affiliate links will be present.

Sponsored Content/Ad's

DoS may hold sponsored content from time to time.
As with affiliate links, sponsored content will be clearly marked as sponsored with #ad in the title and in pink at the end of the post.
This will be visible to all.
DoS does not and will not hold pre-written or guest content from brands and all content, as imagined, will work in harmony with the ethos of DoS.

If you would like to know more about working with me please visit my Work With Me page otherwise please feel to email me or contact me through my Contact page.

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