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Daniel Sandler Catwalk Compact, Perfect Canvas and On The Loose

My spending ban is officially OVERRR!!!

So naturally on Easter Sunday I went cray! Well, not really cray but I did shop.

I had been coveting some Daniel Sandler goodies lately, in particular his watercolour blush but I had never tried out his products before.

Whilst doing a bit of ‘window internet shopping’ I came across the fantastic ‘Offers‘ section of the Daniel Sandler shop website.

Needless to say making a purchase was a NO BRAINER, added with a special discount code for Easter I decided to purchase On The Loose powder and a bottle of Perfect Canvas Fluid Foundation.

I was a bit sceptical buying products without being colour matched so I sent a quick tweet to Daniel who responded almost instantly and kindly recommended Shades 8 and 10 for Catwalk Compact. 

In total I picked up the following (over two purchases:)

Perfect Canvas Fluid Foundation in Shades 10, 12, 14 & 15

On The Loose Powder in Shades 10 & 15

Catwalk Compact in Shades 08 & 10

Initial review on all products coming soon!!

Have you tried any Daniel Sandler products? 

If you have, which ones?


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