Instagram Living Pt 10

Hyde Park Chillin/ Love This Album/ IMAN BB Creme/
My itis face after Shake Shack/ Good Reads/ My Before and After/
HLF Reload/ Mettalips/ Sneak peek at what’s to come on DOS




  1. August 1, 2013 / 03:45

    love it! what red lip are you wearing in that itis pic, btw, lol
    great transformation, i almost didn't think that was you!

    • August 1, 2013 / 08:38

      Thanks Joanne, I'm wearing MAC's Ruby Woo with Lime Crime's Red Velvet on top! 🙂

  2. August 1, 2013 / 10:41

    I'm loving that blurred lines song too. Such a catchy beat. That before and after picture is just incredible, you look so different. Great post!


    • August 1, 2013 / 22:17

      I know! I'm in love with the whole album! And thank you, yeah I feel like a different person its weird! Lol!

  3. August 5, 2013 / 17:12

    Nice post:-) Oh wow you look great now, such an incredible difference! Respect! do you get your instapics on your blog like this? I tried and failed lol

    • August 5, 2013 / 19:32

      Thanks luv! I used Statigram to get my instapics, then I create a collage using PicMonkey. x

  4. August 17, 2013 / 21:33

    How did you lose all the weight? could you do a blog post/ video on it? you look amazing!!

    • August 17, 2013 / 23:51

      Hey love!! Thank you! I have a post called Accepting Achievements that explains in a bit more info but basically I did a very low calorie diet on and off for a few years and eventually the weight came off! 🙂 x

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