Summer Make Up Essentials

The UK is usually either hit or miss during the months of July, August and September. It’s almost as though the weather never gets the memo regarding summer, however this year, jheeeeeez it’s definitely caught up!


Some days I have loved it, others, not so much (I work in an office without AC, sigh.)

The hot weather has also been a bother for us make up lovers, it has been near impossible for me to put on makeup and to be honest I was just too scared to risk it, but once the weather cooled down I indulged in my cosmetics.

I have combination skin (mostly oily t-zone) so I need to be careful in hot weather, however, I’ve found a few products that have been working amazingly for me in this summer!

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer – This is a great lightweight primer that I use solely on my T-zone to stop that midday shine. I love the consistency of this as it isn’t too heavy and it’s a fab pocket size as well!

MUFE Face & Body – For a base I’ve been loving everything lighter, BB creams are great to wear in this weather especially for those of you with dry skin. I’ve been reaching for either my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, Sleek BB Cream or my MUFE Face & Body. This foundation is very sheer but fantastic for summer, for extra coverage go in with a corrector before you apply and top up with concealer afterwards.

MAC Studio Fix Powder – I just picked this up recently so I’m cheating a little bit by putting this up as a fav. This is too light for me to use solely as a foundation (even though it’s in my shade…thanks MAC, not!) however a light dusting of it over my base really helps to set it.

Covergirl Queen Bronzer in Ebony Bronze – Thank GOD for this product! A beautiful and super affordable bronzer for us ladies of colour! I love the healthy sun kissed glow it gives me when I’ve applied this after my foundation, this is definitely one of my favourite beauty products of all time, a real winner!

Graftobian Setting Spray – Hairspray but for the face! (Kevin Hart voice) This stuff is REAL! It took me a while to learn how to use this but I’ve now got the hang of it, I spray it on my brush and then stipple it on my face. This sets my makeup fabulously and makes sure it lasts all day! 

MAC Pressed Blot Powder in Dark – Those of you will an oily disposition lisssen up! This stuff is a GOD SEND! I suffer from a really oily t-zone which is super annoying for a person who likes the matte look. I find only an hour has to pass before my face becomes reflective but once I apply this, it is all resolved. This is one of those products you need to have in your handbag! Two thumbs up from me!

Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour  Fluid Blush in Dare – Possibly one of the smartest cosmetic products around. Heat is no match for this fiesty lil bottle of blush.
This blush is waterproof and blends into the skin effortlessly leaving you with the most natural flush of colour that lasts all day! Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself! Daniel offers samples in his range of watercolour blushes, you can order them from HERE

Maybelline Color Tattoos – I am aware of the various fads that pass through the blogosphere, I usually tend to ignore them because I feel that most times the product is overhyped, however, when I decided that I wanted to play around with more colours, eyeshadow wise ,I went to Boots to take advantage of their Maybelline offer and I picked myself up some colour tattoos and you know what? This is a hype I can understand! Not only are the colours absolutely STUNNING, they are long lasting, creaseproof (for those of us with oily lids) and inexpensive for the amount of product needed. This is a fab product to ensure you eyeshadow lasts all day and retains pigmentation! Will definitely pick up more of these!

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof MascaraMy first ‘pricey’ mascara but definitely worth it. This mascara really separates the lashes and opens up the eyes, the wand is fantastic as it is slightly tapered so it can really be used for the upper lashes as well as the lower. This stuff stays all day! Definitely one of my favourite mascara’s, the only down side? It dries up quite quickly 🙁

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold –   This blush is a relatively new buy that I discovered by accident in Superdrug. A tester of this was open and had been used quite hevaily, I had seen the gold sheen that it gave off from this tester and fell in love with it immediately! For a blush its a little bit underwhelming but for a highlighter this is PERFECT especially for us women of colour. The gold flecks are so finely milled it just glides on, you can also add this to your favourite matte blush to jazz it up!

Mary Kay Makeup Finishing SprayA good finishing spray is the foundation to flawless looking make up. It is also a must for hot weather. We tend to put on more make up sometimes in the hot weather so to avoid the cakey look a setting spray is a must! The Mary Kay Finishing Spray is too fold, not only does it take away the cakey-ness for a more natural look it is also amazing as a face mist. This finishing spray was created by Skindinavia for Mary Kay so you know you’re not going to be disappointed  This feels so cooling on my face and the mist sprays evenly and lightly. This is another one for the handbag and great to use on stuffy public transport too.

All the above are fantastic products that keep my make up look 100 in the summer.
If you want to see how I use these products click HERE to view my Natural Bronze tutorial.

What products do you swear by in this heat?
Let me know in the comments below!



  1. August 22, 2013 / 08:30

    I use MAC studio fix as a powder to set my makeup – I find them very pale and light on my face too I wouldnt use it as a foundation! Ive heard sooo much on Maybelline Color Tattoos that I keep thinking its over hyped but I think you've twisted my arm now haha

    • August 22, 2013 / 11:21

      Yeah MAC's colour range is so different per product it can be so frustrating at times. I would def recommend the Color Tattoos, their colour range is stunning! x

  2. August 28, 2013 / 18:25

    Great post 🙂 x

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