Ellis Faas Lips

I first heard about Ellis Faas whilst watching one of Jackie O’s videos on Youtube and seeing what can only be described as the most beautiful eye shadow pen I had ever seen!

Sleepless nights later (this is what happens when I see a beauty product I love!) I decided to visit their website and fell into an even deeper level of love!

From having a browse at their products I decided that the best product for me to pick was their lip products considering how I much I love them and how it is impossible for one to have too many.

I dived in only to find they had three types that came in the most amazing packaging you have ever seen for a lip product!

I read the descriptions and decided that I wanted Milky and Creamy Lips.

So let’s talk about them shall we?

First up:

Milky Lips in L202 Dark Blood

Milky Lips is described as the following:

” A long-wear, fluid lipstick that provides highly-pigmented colour, and a glossy finish that lasts overtime. Superior comfort both in application and on the lips. Plumping actives improve hydration and smooth your lips. Especially loved by women who do not like to feel lipstick on their lips. “

I can safely say that this is a pretty accurate description. 

Milky Lips is perfect for those who aren’t too comfortable with wearing lipstick whether it be down to texture or colour.

The product itself comes with a brush to allow easy application however you would need to go in with a lip brush to tidy up the edges, I didn’t do this hence my slightly messy swatch.

Milky Lips has a fluid like consistency, almost like a lipgloss but with more flow and none of the stickiness…score!

Pigmentation wise, as you can see it is pretty impressive. 

The below swatch was made with two good layers of Milky Lips.

If you are a lover of stained lips you can go ahead with one coat and a blot and call it a day but I love my full on colour so I applied this as a full-on shade.

Blood Red is an deep vampy red which deepens in colour and turns almost burgundy when applied in layers. My swatches show it as more orange toned red but this is down to my lighting (damn you daylight savings!) 

Click here for a more fitting swatch.

One thing I really loved about this product was how moisturising it is, it’s not greasy and it doesn’t sit heavy on your lips like some liquid lipstick (cough, cough Apocalips) it sits comfortably which is quite rare in most if not all of the lipsticks I own.

Creamy Lips in L102 Deep Plum Wine

Creamy Lips is described as the following:

“A long-wear lipstick that provides pure colour, and a shiny finish that lasts overtime. Superior comfort both in application and on lips. Plumping actives improve hydration and smooth your lips.”

To be honest with you I don’t know what I was expecting with Creamy Lips but I did not expect to love it as much as I did when I applied it.

Creamy Lips comes with a sponge applicator this time around allowing for easy application. The applicator is slightly on a diagonal which allows for comfortable access and accuracy around tricky areas such as your cupids bow and the corners of the lips. 

I thought this was ingenious!

Once again I think having a lip brush on hand (especially for the cupids bow) is useful if you are as sloppy as myself when it comes to lipstick application.

You also need to have smoooth lips for this product, exfoliation is key otherwise this product will happily cling to those unsightly parts of your unsmooth lips and you will feel ashamed as I did, sigh!

Deep Plum Wine is the PERFECT vampy shade, a deep burgundy with more of a purple impact. The swatches below are pretty much the colour that comes out of the pen.

This is a very creamy product but once again it does not feel heavy AT ALL. I can’t get over how comfortable these lip products are! The lipstick sat gorgeously on. I am only wearing one layer of Creamy Lips and yet the pigmentation is impressive. I think blotting is key to this product as it is easy to go overboard especially with lips as HUGE as mine!

I can’t sit here and comment on longevity of these products as I have only swatched them but I can say when I swatched Creamy Lips on my arm, I had to have a shower and use my African sponge to remove it completely from my arm, however saying that, I didn’t have any problems removing this from my lips.

Hot Lips in L403 Bright Fuschia*

*sent for review purposes by Ellis Faas

Hot Lips is the newest lip product to be launched by Ellis Faas described as the following:

” Hot Lips is Ellis’ latest revolutionary texture for the lips. Because it’s absolutely packed with pigment, you’ll only need a tiny bit of the non-greasy Hot Lips to add vibrant colour. Hot Lips are extremely longwearing, without the risk of drying out your lips. A little goes a very long way! “

Definitely my favourite of the bunch; Hot Lips is a fab product!

Once again I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I was sent this product but as soon as I applied it I fell in love!

Like Creamy Lips, Hot Lips comes with a sponge applicator. I found the product easier to apply this time around and I found that I didn’t go overboard with application, I believe this is down to the consistency, it is a little bit thicker than Creamy Lips.

Bright Fuschia is a STUNNING colour which would work amazingly on all skin tones, it’s definitely a statement colour!

 There are several amazing things about this product!

Firstly, Hot Lips just glidddddessss onto the lips like a dream with it’s non sticky formula but it’s creamy enough not to move out of place, it is also super pigmented, the above swatch was done with one layer of Hot Lips but look at the vibrancy of this colour! Stunning!

And like the products above this is lightweight and comfortable on the lips, you don’t feel as though you’re wearing lipstick at all, you just feel like you have moisturised lips! #WIN!

All in all I am amazingly impressed with the Ellis Faas lip products, there is a lip product for all lovers of lipstick (especially animal lovers, Ellis Faas does not test on animals, another win!!) which I think is important especially to those starting out in make up and lipstick wearing, their lip products are also crazily comfortable which makes ALL the difference when it comes to lipstick.

If you wish to purchase Milky, Creamy or Hot Lips you can do so via the Ellis Faas website HERE

Hot Lips will be available from the Ellis Faas site to the UK from the 22nd November 2013

You can also purchase Ellis Faas lip products from Net-A-Porter and Liberty.

Giveaway – NOW CLOSED


I’m giving away Hot Lips L405 Bright Coral to one lucky reader of DOS 

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below with the following:



How you would wearing Hot Lips L405 Bright Coral (e.g with a dramatic eye, as a statement lip or with an all black outfit)

And thats it!

The Rules:

One entry per person.

This giveaway is open to the UK only. 

You must be a reader of DOS either through Blog Lovin or GFC.

The giveaway will run until the 1st December 2013 and the winner will be contacted via email by myself.

Good luck all! 



  1. November 17, 2013 / 19:01

    Email is wonderlusting at live dot co dot uk

    | would wear with a bronze eyeshadow with catflick black liquid eyeliner


  2. November 17, 2013 / 21:41

    Yessss I love bright fuschia! I'm stuck between that and MAC retro matte flat out fabulous, any opinions?

    • November 17, 2013 / 22:57

      Hey love! I wanted FOF too but I don't have it I can only compare via texture, I find the retro mattes quite heavy whereas Hot Lips is really comfortable but not completely matte!

  3. November 18, 2013 / 02:43

    This is bad for my obsession with lippies Nat! But these are lovely.

    Jess D

    I would wear Hot Lips L405 Bright Coral with a slicked black pony tail, dramatic brown smokey brown eye, with Ardell demi wispy lashes and contouring. For the outfit, I would wear my black midi body con and killer heels.


  4. November 22, 2013 / 00:46

    Ah these are lovely! I've not heard of Ellis Faas before but I'm glad I have now lol! I'd like to enter the giveaway as well please! 🙂

    Name: Meg Clark
    Email: madeinacup@gmail.com
    How you would wearing Hot Lips L405 Bright Coral: Hmm, I would wear it with a dramatic winged eyeliner and messy bed hair (which is just me literally rolling out of bed haha :P)

    Thanks 🙂 xo

    Made In A Cup

  5. November 30, 2013 / 16:43

    Senami Zamba
    This reminds me of summer or just another day back home in Lagos lol. I would go for a clean dewy face and simple eye with a chocolate crease and very black winged eyeliner. To complete the look I would go for a messy high ponytail and simple classy white outfit.

  6. Anonymous
    December 1, 2013 / 21:33

    Still the first of December but it says the giveaway is closed already 🙁


    I hear such great things about Ellie Faas lip products and your review just emphasises this again. I'll definitly have a peek at their site.

    I'd combine it with well groomed brows, just a hint of taupe coloured eyeshadow, hair in a bun, black pencil skirt and green blouse. Shoes? I haven't the foggiest yet 😀

    New follower via bloglovin due to your amazing pics I found via the google image search of the ellie faas hot lips.

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