Veil Cover Cream Demonstration Kit

 If you are new to the blog you may or may not know that I have several tattoos.

Some are visible which is generally not a problem for me, I don’t think I’ve ever been denied a job due to them but some people are not as lucky as I am.

This is where Veil’s Cover Cream comes into play.

Veil’s Cover Cream is totally different to cosmetics we’re all generally used to from our local department and high street beauty stores, this is due to it’s main purpose.

Veil creates camouflage cosmetics to help cover scars of all kinds from acne scars to surgical scars.

When I heard that Veil were looking for bloggers and vloggers to review this product I jumped at the chance, I wanted to know how camouflage cosmetics worked as well as if they had shades to suit my skin tone.

I was kindly sent the Veil Cover Cream Demonstration Kit* to review.

Firstly let me start off by saying…the colour range!


I cannot lie, I was overwhelmed by the amount of browns in this kit!

Click to enlarge

From Ebony, to Brown to Umber.

This kit is here for your customising needs!

The kit contains 20 Cover Cream samples and a Translucent finishing powder providing everything you need to really start creating the perfect colour for your skin tone.

I also loved that this kit contained a yellow, rose, green and mauve cover cream to really help you get the right undertones.


I decided to get stuck right in and took the smallest swatch from the Brown sample, I applied to my skin and realised that there was a reason for all the different colours in the kit. I am not just ‘brown’, it took a while for me to get a ‘fitting’ shade as it seems as though I am a mixture of several colours.

In the end I took the tiniest swatches from Brown, Yellow, Rose and Peach

and applied to my tattoo in a dabbing motion.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the above.

Firstly I struggled to find the right shade which is no fault to Veil but more down to my inexperience with customising shades with so many options to choose from. 

You can also see some of my tattoo from this application, this is due to the amount I used, believe it or not I only dabbed my finger on the top of each cream, I did not scoop or swipe, just dabbed.

The coverage from a dab is just astonishing!

The Cover Cream is FULL coverage, and no not MAC full coverage but REAL FULL COVERAGE. 

This is down to the consistency of the creams, they are thick but warm up once they are in contact with body heat which makes them quite pliable however I wouldn’t really recommend applying these with a brush, I used my fingers to apply and then used a powder brush to set everything lightly with the translucent powder.

My Thoughts

This kit is pretty amazing, it can used for a range of things not just to camouflage scars, this sort of kit can be used for stage make up as well as in an MUA’s kit (more for concealer then foundation)

For the price you cannot go wrong, essentially your getting 20 full coverage concealers for £40. Bargain!

If you have tattoos that you wish to cover, scars that you don’t want to be seen or you just want more than medium coverage this IS the kit for you.

You can read up more on Veil and their camouflage cosmetics via their website HERE

What do you think of camouflage cosmetics?

Will you be trying out Cover Cream?


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