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It’s no surprise that I love make up but what I love more than make up itself is good quality, inexpensive make up.
This can almost be a mythical notion; good quality make up at low prices, but I feel ELF always hold some hidden gems that many over look.

Last week ELF held one of their ever famous 50% off everything promos. This is normally when I log in and shop off ELF, not because I’m super cheap but because most of the products I choose, I’m trying for the first time.

I received my package yesterday and tried out all the products as soon as and I can safely say I am in LOVE with this ELF haul!

I’m seriously patting myself on the back as I type!

I picked up the following:

Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
I picked this up as I really wanted something clear to help set my brows. I haven’t used the mascara end but the brow end felt great. The gel felt sturdy enough (not too wet) and glided through my brows without fault, the brush also worked great on my brow shape.

Studio Makeup Mist & Set
This was a repurchase. 
Out of all the setting sprays I have used, this is by far my favourite. I would recommend it to all (except those of you with sensitive skin) great bottle for a bargain price!

 Daily Brush Cleaner
I had no interest in brush cleaners until I heard Shirley (Shirley’s Wardrobe) talk about spot cleaning, on further investigation I realised this was what I was missing for so long, washing brushes is a hassle especially when using different shadows with one look. 
The Daily Brush Cleaner allows you to express wash as you go.
I was SUPER impressed with this, I sprayed it on my brush, gave it a wipe down and within a few minutes the brush was dry and free to use again!
I will definitely be repurchasing this beauty! 

Contouring Blush and Bronzer Powder in Turks and Caicos
I think I have found my new love!
If you’re a regular reader of DOS you already know about my struggle to find bronzers suitable for WoC so I am forever weary of buying bronzers online.
I had previously bought the cream bronzer and blush from ELF and I was super disappointed however I gave them another go with the powder bronzer after seeing YouTubers use this and I’m glad I did!
I love this set! 
The bronzer is SOOO PIGMENTED and soft, it shows up so well on my skin tone, I can’t describe how chuffed I am! I even swatched this next to my CoverGirl bronzer and found that the ELF bronzer was slightly softer and easier to apply as well as being super similar in colour! SCORE!
The blush is gorgeous! In the pan it looks like an icy shimmery pink but when applied to the skin it gives a gorgeous understated flush of colour to the cheeks! All this for £3.95 without a discount! Will definitely be repurchasing a-thank-you!

 Flawless Concealer Brush and Complexion Brush
I needed a good brush to blend out my concealer and this one proved perfect, it is fluffy and soft with spaced out bristles, from what I’ve seen this brush reminds me of the MAC 224 with just a little more surface area. I also used this to blend out my eye shadow and it did a great job. I don’t have a brush like this so I’m very happy with it!
The complexion brush is soft and comfortable on the face, it is also slightly tapered which allows precision when applying things like bronzer or contour.
You can really get a lot of use out of this brush, I used this to apply my bronzer, blush and finishing powder too. 
Another fab brush added to my collection!

Mineral Foundation in Almond and Dark
I fell in love with the Personal Blend foundation but I found I was wasting the other two shades in the tub, I figured it would be more resourceful of me to buy the shades that I do use individually. This makes life easier for me as the tubs can be very tricky. This will allow me to custom blend my shade more effectively. I really love this foundation, it’s light but great for every day wear!

Mineral Eye Shadow in Natural and Wild
I’ve already purchased one mineral eye shadow which was stunning, so I wanted to pick up a few more.
Natural is a iridescent light gold, gorgeous for highlighting the inner tear ducts, whilst Wild is a dark greyish brown with golden specks, perfect for a smoking out the eye lid but I did get a lot of fall out with Wild, I felt like fairy dust was being blown in my face!

Baked Eye Shadow in Dusk and Burnt Plum
The baked eye shadows were the only product I was slightly disappointed with.
I expected A LOT more pigmentation from them but managed only to get sheer coverage, however I did use them dry, ELF indicate on their site that colours appear more vibrant applied wet.
Dusk is a dark grey, as it was very sheer, I wouldn’t really say it’s a shimmer, more of a satin finish, Dusk would look good used to help blend out black eye shadows for a smokey look.
Burnt Plum is a gorgeous dark cranberry colour, I’m so gutted this wasn’t more pigmented as I think it would look stunning on all skin tones. I will aim to see if the pay off gets better used with a damp brush, but once again, used dry, this gives off a sheen finish.

Maximum Coverage Concealer in Tan
For highlighting purposes only, unfortunately this is far too light for me to use as an under eye highlight (not yellow toned enough) however I can use this as an eye brow highlight.
The texture is creamy and actually quite light, in terms of maximum coverage, I’m not too sure as I mostly used this under my brows but will get a darker shade and let you guys know!

Lipstick in Fearless
Surprisingly a very moisturising red lipstick. 
This is more of a blue toned red so something that works well on my skin tone. It has great pigmentation especially since it’s original price is £1.95 however it is not super pigmented. This is probably what I would call a ‘work red’ a suitable red to wear to work. 
For the price, I have no complaints at all!

All in all this haul cost me £26.70.
This was with the 50% discount and free shipping.
Without the above this haul would have cost £56.35 with shipping.

Below you can see me wearing the following from above:
Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
Contouring Blush and Bronzer Powder in Turks and Caicos (I went heavy on the blush to show it’s pigmentation, bronzer applied around the perimeter of my face as well as down the bridge of my nose to contour)
Mineral Eye Shadow in Natural (inner eye)
Baked Eye Shadow in Burnt Plum (over the lid and blended upwards)
Maximum Coverage Concealer in Tan (under the brow)

I am definitely a happy bunny!

What do you guys think of ELF Cosmetics?
What is your favourite ELF product?



    • 5 March 2014 / 09:30

      Thank you lovely, some products are a miss but the majority is a hit, especially from the Studio and Mineral range!

  1. 4 March 2014 / 19:16

    Looks amazing, I love trying ELF products x
    I'm really liking the Brow kit from them!
    ♥ elín from elin likes

    • 5 March 2014 / 09:31

      So do I! I have the brow kit, it is really great, I should make more use out of it! x

  2. 4 March 2014 / 19:41

    Great haul I want to get into trying more Elf products but it's hard to buy in Canada I only know two places that sell it and it's not a big selection of there products. You look gorgeous btw!!! 🙂

    Sheer Beauty Blog

    • 5 March 2014 / 09:34

      That sucks, can you buy online? The shipping barrier makes things so difficult sometimes! Thank you Kayla!

    • 5 March 2014 / 09:35

      I definitely recommend trying when they run their promotions, that way you save a bunch! x

  3. 5 March 2014 / 01:59

    i only like elf's powder brush and some of their blushes, other than that, i didn't like the foundation or clear brow gel or their blush and contour kit 🙁

    • 5 March 2014 / 09:35

      Ahh that sucks, maybe one day you'll find a product off ELF you really love!

  4. 30 October 2016 / 14:26

    I really luv ur blog……..do you have sponsors ?

    • 3 November 2016 / 10:16

      Hi LaQualia thank you and no, I do not have sponsors, thanks for reading!

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