Melt Cosmetics DGAF

Melt Cosmetics DGAF Dark Skin Brown Skin NC50

Melt Cosmetics DGAF Dark Skin Brown Skin NC50

Melt Cosmetics DGAF Dark Skin Brown Skin NC50

Possibly my new
favourite statement lipstick!

There was something
about this blue that made me fall in love instantly.

I mean, how often
do you come across a true, vivid matte royal blue lipstick?

This wonderfully
named lipstick (DGAF) is one of 12 vivid, unique and long lasting matte
lipsticks from Melt Cosmetics made by Riri’s MUA Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar.

I love everything
about this lipstick!

The formula of
DGAF is outstanding!

Creamy ,but
heavily pigmented and ridiculously long lasting.

One of the most comfortable
true matte lipsticks I have ever worn.

Every time I swipe
this baby onto my lips, I feel some kinda way, I am telling you!

Unfortunately Melt
Cosmetics is overseas and international shipping is NO JOKE!

However I managed
to hunt down a UK stockist, Beauty B Cosmetics for my Melt lipstick.

These babies sell
for £19.95 which isn’t exactly the cheapest but the formula, colour pay off and
sheer uniqueness of Melt Cosmetics definitely makes it worth it!

Natalie x



  1. 1 July 2014 / 05:34

    Your lips in this shade look incredible! xxx

    • 4 July 2014 / 12:46

      Thank you love, I love this shade, I think it suits every skin tone so well! xxx

  2. 1 July 2014 / 16:42

    the colors are fabulous, the the dryness of them aren't, lol oh, but how i love the colors! this color looks amazing on you!

    • 4 July 2014 / 12:47

      Hey love, I haven't had a problem with the dryness but I can stand the dryness of Ruby Woo so maybe that's why I don't find it too much of a problem! I do love this colour so much! x

    • 4 July 2014 / 12:49

      This is the perfect shade of blue! It works so well for everyone!

    • 4 July 2014 / 12:50

      It's a relatively new brand only launched last year I think and I definitely think you could love! x

  3. 1 July 2014 / 21:22

    This shade looks gorgeous against your skin tone! I think it would look fab on someone super pale too 🙂
    Bethanyxalice xx

    • 4 July 2014 / 12:53

      It definitely would! I've seen these on all skin tones from pale to deep, absolutely stunning on all! x

  4. 1 July 2014 / 21:25

    OMG this colour is perfect on you . I really want this xxx

  5. 4 July 2014 / 12:53

    I looove it! I really wanna get it, it is constantly sold out :'(

    • 4 July 2014 / 12:54

      I know, it had been sold out on the Melt site for ages, luckily B Beauty had it stock, keep an eye on them hopefully it will come back soon!

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