Tom Ford Deep Mink Lipstick

Tom Ford Deep Mink Lipstick NC50 DiscoveriesOfSelf Blog

Tom Ford Deep Mink Lipstick NC50 DiscoveriesOfSelf Blog

Tom Ford Deep Mink Lipstick NC50 DiscoveriesOfSelf Blog

Tom Ford Deep Mink Lipstick NC50 DiscoveriesOfSelf Blog

Sometimes in life you just need to bite the bullet and treat yourself so I decided to go all out and treat myself to my first Tom Ford lipstick!

I decided to go for Deep Mink as that seemed to suit my skin colour perfectly.

Whilst the price tag is sweat inducing the lipstick itself is perfect!

This lipstick is a perfect brown pink lipstick for my skin tone, it glides on without being too greasy and it has fantastic staying power.

If you’re looking for the perfect nude and you don’t mind laying down 36 of your hard earned pounds on a treat for yourself I would definitely recommend Deep Mink.

It’s a absolute winner in my book!

Natalie x



  1. 10 June 2014 / 15:06

    Natalie why are you doing this to me?! I'm still on a mission for my perfect pinky nude and this looks to be a winner. It looks really good on you. Did you have to use a liner with it?

    • 10 June 2014 / 20:03

      Hi lovely! Haha! I can't help it! No, no lip liner needed, that's how perfect it is!

  2. 11 June 2014 / 13:29

    Fab colour. I'll add to the list for next time I go through Duty Free at Heathrow – that 20% saving really adds up when you're talking Tom Ford.

    • 13 June 2014 / 09:46

      I would definitely recommend it and yeah you are right, that 20% makes the price a lil bit more manageable lol!

  3. 11 June 2014 / 21:25

    I seriously want to go on a weekend trip to London just to see, swatch and buy Tom Ford make-up!!! lol

  4. 12 November 2014 / 15:50

    I've been thinking of getting a Tom Ford lipstick. I'm torn between Deep Mink and Sable Smoke. I'm not near any counters that stock it so I don't know what the texture is like. Is it very creamy? As I'm not keen on lipsticks with slip. Not sure if you've tried any of the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks. I wanted to know how it compares to that if you have xx

    • 12 November 2014 / 16:06

      Hey my love! I haven't tried the YSL Rouge Volupte but I know about their slip and it's not as slippery as that, it sits on the lips like a MAC satin lipstick, but a little lighter so you don't feel it on the lips as much as a MAC lipstick, its quite creamy, but nothing that's uncomfortable x

    • 12 November 2014 / 16:11

      Ahh okay. Thanks girl! This and the NARS Audacious lipsticks are calling my name lol but they're both quite pricey. Decisions =/ x

    • 12 November 2014 / 16:16

      I've been trying to Ray Charles them due to the price but Liv has my name on it!

    • 9 February 2015 / 11:53

      Hey lovely, I don't unfortunately but I do have a product list for this look on my instagram!

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