Much Needed Moments

London is such a busy place Monday to Friday, I hardly ever get to take it in, but this weekend I decided to get out and enjoy my city.

July had really tested me, so to get back on track I realised I needed to reconnect with friends and start taking the time out to do things I love, like exploring London.

On the Saturday I went to the African Centre Summer Festival at Covent Garden, the atmosphere was  great, I tried out Eritrean food for the first time (super tasty!) as well as THE BEST vegan Banana Bread (it was so good we bought loafs.) 

We also came across a graffiti’d BMW, after asking around it turned out that this was for charity, such a unique way to approach it, it definitely caught everyone’s attention!

On the Sunday I met up with my friend Yusuf for catch up times. He suggested that we visited Love’s Fresh Pasta in South Kensington, they have the coolest order system, you can customise and order your food on a tablet at the table.

I had rigatoni with pesto and added extra’s it was sooo yummy, then we went to Wafflemeister for dessert, I had the Black and White, divine!

It’s moments like these I really treasure, sometimes we forget how important it is to just take time out.

I aim to remember to do this more this year, this may mean that from time to time blogging takes a backseat but I will always come back to it.

I also want to take this time to thank all of you guys for your support with my blog and make up obsession, lol!

Without that I wouldn’t be the person I am today and that is the God’s honest truth.

I really do appreciate it.

Much love.

Natalie x



  1. 4 August 2014 / 07:48

    Man this post just made me miss London so much. I still maintain that there's no place better than London in the sunshine. Here's to hoping that August will be a better month for you!

    • 7 August 2014 / 12:07

      Ahh London in the summer is immense, I love it so much! And thank you Nana! x

    • 7 August 2014 / 12:07

      Thank you Vanessa and thank you for the award!! 🙂 xx

  2. 12 August 2014 / 14:13

    great shots! I need to check out Love's x

    • 13 August 2014 / 11:26

      Thanks Jen, yeah I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're a pasta lover!

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