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Nowadays it’s rare to come across new products from new brands, we’re mostly guilty (me included) of chasing brands we’re familiar with, but Beauty Crowd is here to help you explore unique brands you wouldn’t normally come across.

I was kindly sent a Beauty Crowd box* full of goodies that I’ve been utilising and let me tell you, I’m impressed!

Lola Apothecary Golden Elixir of Lavender (£32 for 100ml)* is the perfect product for those of us who love oils, especially during the winter time, this smells relaxing and it blends into the skin to easily. I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of lavender so I passed this onto my mum who loves lavender, she’s popped this into her bag and uses it regularly on her pressure points, both of us loved the sprig of lavender in the rollerball!

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Exfoliating Gel (£19.99)* is a well known product in the blogosphere, I had seen so many bloggers rave about this product so I was excited to see this in my box! I’m used to harsher exfloliaters so I was a little bit sceptical but upon using it I realised I really liked it. I like the fact that this can be used on dry skin and I could see that the gel had definitely removed traces of dirt that I thought I had previously death with!

Flint + Flint Lip Hero (£12)* is a completely new brand to me. Flint + Flint pride themselves on making unisex products which can be seen by their packaging (which I love!) I’m a bit of a lip balm snob so I’m always wary about moving away from what works for me but I liked Lip Hero, the formula (I wouldn’t really call it a balm, it isn’t that thick) melts quickly and keeps the lips moisturised for a very long time, there is no scent or tint to this which means men can definitely utilise this!

Latherly Shower Foam (£4.99)* is possibly my favourite out of the box, this thing FOAMSSS! You honestly need the smallest amount to really get going as it literally triples in size and cleanses without leaving the tight drying feeling. I love the clean and fresh fragrance (man friendly) of this as well as the packaging, Latherly is right up my street and something I would consider purchasing!

Sniffy Wiffy Body Scrub in Orange Blossom (£10.00)* was always going to be a winner for me, I love scrubs, especially scrubs that feel and smell this good! The subtle scent of Orange Blossom is perfect for a body scrub and the salt is soft enough to feel good on the skin but still exfoliate, whilst the Shea Butter provides moisture which leaves my skin looking brand new! One special thing I like about Sniffy Wiffy is their commitment to breast cancer awareness, all body scrubs have a self examination guide and each scrub sold Sniffy Wiffy donate an amount to a breast cancer awareness charity.

You can purchase many of these products and more over at the Beauty Crowd Shop, but that’s not all! You can also view BC TV for reviews on the products on the site as well as interviews or take a look at their Articles page with useful beauty guides.

Natalie x 


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