nars radiant creamy concealer review caramel amande woc nc50 discoveriesofself blog dark skin

nars radiant creamy concealer review caramel amande woc nc50 discoveriesofself blog dark skin

nars radiant creamy concealer review caramel amande woc nc50 discoveriesofself blog dark skin

Blame YouTube for this purchase!

Everyone had been going on about how amazing this concealer was so a while back I purchased it off of ASOS when they were having a promo with 20% off everything on the site.

I had swatched the colour Amande whilst in HoF which was a popular choice for many women of colour but in the end I felt Caramel  (described as a medium dark yellow with golden undertones) would work better as a highlighting shade for my skin tone.

First things first, let me say I really like this concealer!

It is unlike any other concealer that I have used before textually because it has a quick drying near matte finish. 

My dry skin ladies – you may want to avoid this due to it’s finish.

The consistency itself is creamy and almost mousse like which aids to it’s drying time and staying power.

When I first used this I was surprised how firm it stood so you do need to work fast with it. 

I find a beauty blender works a charm when it comes to blending this in because it dries so fast.

Once it has all blended in this looks like an absolute dream, completely natural and not chalky at all which can happen with a lot of the lighter highlighting shades – especially for women of colour.

See Caramel in action on my YouTube channel HERE

Say all of this, would I repurchase? I’m not too sure. 

Whilst I do love the NRCC I feel that with the price tag and the amount of concealers in my collection this isn’t exactly a game changer in terms of highlighting for me.

I find myself reaching for my LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealers a lot more than my NARS concealer just due to ease of application and the richer yellow undertones the Pro Conceal Concealers have.

The bottom line is if you have a drawer fulla concealers you might want to skip this baby otherwise if you’re looking for a really good sturdy but lightweight concealer for everyday use – why not try this out? 

You can pick up the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer from their website HERE for £22.00, if you’re student you can get a discount by purchasing off ASOS.

Do you have the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer?

What are your thoughts on it?

Is it a HG product?

Nat x



    • 16 August 2015 / 19:01

      It's a good concealer! It's just the price that pains me!!

  1. 25 June 2015 / 21:17

    I always hear good things about this concealer but I have a few I love which are much cheaper x

    • 16 August 2015 / 19:01

      Exactly! This isn't a must have IMO really.

  2. 28 June 2015 / 09:17

    This concealer is one of my faves and I use it in "Amande". I actually like blending it out w/ my fingers as it allows me to blend quickly before it sets. I agree that it is BLOODY expensive though but at least a little bit goes a long way for me.

    • 16 August 2015 / 19:04

      I think I'm gonna have to start blending it out with my fingers too, maybe this will help.

  3. 30 June 2015 / 03:27

    I ran out of mine, good thing I have a backup. I love this!

    • 16 August 2015 / 19:04

      It's a good concealer but for some reason the price point just doesn't make it a winner for me.

  4. 14 July 2015 / 13:42

    I have been wanting to try this out for a while am definitely going to go get it now. Yey

    • 16 August 2015 / 19:04

      Let me know what you think about it love!

  5. 4 August 2015 / 09:12

    I need an upgrade to my make up stash, my current concealer can be quite ashy looking if I dont blend it right! I would love to try the Nars concealer but I'm a bargain spender at heart so Pro concealer may be the way for me to go but where to get it!? I cant find it anywhere!!! – x

    Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • 16 August 2015 / 19:06

      Lavinya, you beaut! You can get the Pro Concealers from Beauty Base in either Westfield White City or Westfield Stratford x

  6. 8 August 2015 / 19:00

    You are so right everyone does go on about this product, so much so that after reading this I've finally decided to pick it up on my next makeup spree. In the meantime I'll definitely look into the La girl one. I currently use Laura Mercier concealer(after the discontinued the darker YSL touche eclat BOOO!) for concealing and highlighting and it's amazing, have you tried it?
    I love this list. I'm currently training for my first 10K in September and once you get into it, Its great. I think the hardest part is actually just getting out the door! Good luck with everything, it'd be great if you could keep us updated with how you're getting on with everything!
    Mantenso xx

    • 16 August 2015 / 19:06

      I haven't tried the LM concealer but I've heard a lot of people say good things about it!

  7. 11 November 2015 / 07:57

    Nat! I know I can always trust your judgment. ASOS are having another sale and I am tempted. but yeah I might just skip this one. I can get 3 LA Girl concealers for that price! Hahaha! xxx

    • 13 November 2015 / 11:57

      Yeah I don't think I'll be repurchasing this, would rather pick up more LA concealers! x

  8. 4 December 2015 / 17:21

    What shade are you in LA concealers in comparison to NARS concealer in caramel?x

    • 5 December 2015 / 15:22

      Hey love, I'd say Fawn. x

  9. 28 May 2016 / 17:46

    Great post!, I was matched as Biscuit but feel maybe caramel?.. What shade would you say these are in La Girl as I have no idea what to choose! x

    • 1 June 2016 / 10:06

      Thanks Rebecca! I would say Caramel is similar to Warm Honey but a bit more yellow in undertone. x

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