colourpop ultra matte review dark skin deep skin limbo lax tulle chilly chili  more better zipper dr m swatches discoveriesofself blog

colourpop ultra matte review dark skin deep skin limbo lax tulle chilly chili  more better zipper dr m swatches discoveriesofself blog

ColourPop have been taking YouTube by storm and for good reason too!

With each item sold on their site coming in at $8 or under (£5.30 or so) you cannot go wrong, I mean who doesn’t love affordable make-up?!

Being a lover of matte lipsticks I HAD to pick up some of their Ultra Matte Liquid Lips as they retails for only $6.00.

Now a majority of you may know that CP (ColourPop) do not ship to the UK but having obtained a few of their products I’ll let you know the channels I took.

Friends – If you know someone visiting or living in the USA/Australia/New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands why not ask for a favour. This is what I did with my blogger and beauty soulmate Nana. I ordered and paid for my items using PayPal and used Nana’s address as my shipping address. The package was then sent to Nana who kindly sent it to me – no customs charges!


Forwarding Postal Company – I heard about companies such as this after watching a video by BeautyByJJ,. If you live in the UK you will know how much it hurts to see all these goodies that are only available in the US, I mean Sephora, Ulta, Walgreens…we can’t get to them 🙁 but companies such as comGateway provide you with a US delivery address that you can send your order to, once arrived, they’ll notify you and then you can have your order sent to your address for a fee which includes delivery. I used this option and I had no issues and no custom charges. I was very happy and will probably use it again for bulk buys in the future.

eBay – For my Ultra Mattes I used eBay as I wasn’t bulk buying. On eBay the CP Ultra Mattes sell between £11.95 – £13.95 which is reasonable compared to having them shipped over and the threat of customs charges. 

All sellers I’ve used  have been helpful and friendly with items arriving the next day.

I’ve used three separate sellers with one who currently has no items in shop.


Alright so now that we got that out of the way let’s move onto the Ultra Mattes themselves.

CP currently have 43 available to buy online of which I  have 7.

Each UM (Ultra Mattes) is 1oz and contains a very study/stiff doe foot applicator with name of the shade on a sticker at the bottom of the tube.

Prep is key with the UM so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your lips well then gently wipe off any excess moisture from your lips.

If you apply any of these shades without the necessary prep your lips will feel dry and the UM will end up crumbling.

When it comes to applying you do not want to layer this or any of the CPUM as you will eventually experience unsightly crumbling. 

It aint cayute gurl – believe me! 

I picked up the following shades in various purchases on eBay:


Described as a deep chocolate brown. 

On my skin tone this is not deep but chocolate brown is correct description to me. The formula itself is very very runny, (think ink) but dries to an acceptable flat matte finish. 

Application I found to be smooth with no noticeable patchiness. 

This is a gorgeous colour and what I love about it is its lack of red undertone which is hard to find from a brown this shade. If you think Limbo will be a bit too light for you, layer over a deep brown lip pencil for depth.


Described as vampy blackened red. 

One of my favourites to wear for its gorgeous colour. Consistency once again is ink like.

This shade is patchy, there’s no denying it. 

Chilly Chili 

Described as a plummy brown. 

It seems somewhere along the line CP changed the formula of their UM as Chilly Chili seems more cream based which means it takes slightly longer to dry.Do I mind it? Kinda! I don’t like the sticky feeling on my lips whilst drying but it does mean you don’t feel the need to layer and crumbling is less of an issue.


Described as a dusty mauve burgundy. 

As this is one of the older shades, the consistency is runny but the colour itself is beautiful. Tulle looks different on EVERY skin tone but I would say it is definitely WoC friendly, just pair with your go to lip liner for a gorgeous pinky nude lip.

More Better 

Described as a deep violet wine. 

I wouldn’t really say this an accurate description of the colour but I can’t tell you how I would describe this, deep fuschia pink or a deep matte pink plum…who knows. It makes me think of a better version of MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous, either way I LOVE this shade! Definitely WoC friendly if you love your brights. The formula is the new one so doesn’t dry super matte but no patchiness.


Described as a deep blackened purple. 

This is just a purple on my skin tone and surprising my least favourite of the bunch. 

I was extremely underwhelmed by this colour.  I would recommend picking up Be-Dazzled instead if you love purples. 

Consistency is runny and application is patchy.

Dr M 

Described as a deep blackened green. 

I would say it was more of a deep teal. Do not be afraid of this colour, it is WoC friendly, in fact it is all skin tones friendly, don’t you love shades like that!?

The new formula means it is not as drying but once again sticky in the drying process.

Swatch HERE

My Thoughts

Well what can you say, for the price (dollars) you cannot complain and a vast majority of the shades are beautiful!

Taking into account my location and that I’m paying on average around £12 for each shade do I think it’s worth it? Yes I think so.

 The older formula of the UM really seem like they were not made for everyday wear so I would avoid picking them up, unfortunately, this older formula includes popular shades such as Limbo and LAX.

They start to crumble, lift and transfer if you eat/drink so wearing these out for a dinner or drinks is not an option and reapplying is a bitch if they crumble (think adding a liquid to a dried crumbled surface), the dryness can also be felt if you do not prep quickly with the runnier formulas settling into lines on the lips.

I think back to my other liquid lipsticks (ABH, KVD, MUR, MM, Sleek) and I can eat and drink fine and if I do run into transfer issues reapplying is not an issue, dryness is also not an issue.

For things like filming (YouTube), pictures (blogging), short wear (shopping trips), lipstick addicts then yeah you can go ahead and wear these and feel great! 

Long story short,  the older formula, whilst not practical is are very pretty.

The newer formula I have to say is more forgiving, softer on the lips, not as drying but not as matte as the older formulas which isn’t too much of an issue for me. I’m much more of a fan of the latest formula, the older formula is not great at all.

Do you have any of the Ultra Mattes?

Would you purchase them?

Nat x



  1. 25 November 2015 / 20:59

    They're not readily available where I live either so I guess I'll pass, although they look interesting!

    • 27 November 2015 / 14:48

      The colours are really pretty but for regular wear it's not a must have.

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