THE BODY SHOP BLACK MUSK EDT discoveriesofself

THE BODY SHOP BLACK MUSK EDT discoveriesofself

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I’m very basic when it comes to fragrances.

I do not have a vast perfume collection in fact, most of my perfumes are currently body sprays right now – sorry not sorry.

The reason being is that I wait for the Christmas deals to buy my more luxury perfume wants (Lancome, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani) as they so much cheaper on boxing day.
These perfumes usually last me until September or so which means between September and December I’m looking for something that smells lush but is also inexpensive.

Cue my latest purchase The Body Shop Black Musk | £18.00 60ml

Now let me say I wasn’t planning on buying this at all but after applying, looking, smelling and wiping off every product I possibly could in the store I came across Black Musk in it’s beautiful black and pink bottle.
 I sprayed it and was sold immediately.

Black Musk is The Body Shop’s newest fragrance which is probably why you may have not heard about this until recently.
Scent wise this is a hard one to describe so I’m pulling info from the site directly for you.

Black Musk’s main notes are:

Black Musk (obviously)
Liquorice Root
Bambinella Pear
Black Vanilla

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never heard of Bambinella Pear and isn’t all vanilla (pods) black?! I think perfume notes are just a tad bit too technical for me.

Let’s read on…

“Be lured by a bewitching blend of addictive dark musk with intense woody notes, ultra sexy vanilla and stimulating liquorice roots accord. Be captivated by the bright, luminous top notes of pear, bergamot and pink pepper, which contrast against the darkness for greater impact. Then gradually deepen into a sweet addictive trail of heliotrope and which brings a feminine touch to the contrast of light and dark.”

A very dramatic description but on the ball really.

Black Musk starts off woody with a vanilla softness in the background making it more feminine, the woody tones then melt away to leave you with a citrus/spicy middle note which remains balanced out by vanilla giving the scent a deep edge, this all blends away to a soft vanilla musk which smells heavenly.

Do you catch my drift? No? Hahaha!
When you’re next in town head to The Body Shop and have a spritz.

Bottom line here is I would definitely recommend checking this baby out especially for the winter!
If you love seductive deep fragrances such as YSL Opium, Diesel’s Loverdose or Lolita Lempicka, you’ll love this!

The EDT lasts for around 5 hours until I no longer notice it but it does stick to fabrics for a while – my scarf smells amazing!

You can also pick up Black Musk in EDP and Perfume Oil for more decadence or as a special Christmas treat.

What are your go-to fragrances for the winter?

Nat x


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