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Who doesn’t like a good make-up tip?

With the popularity of make-up and beauty all over social media it’s pretty easy to get confused.

So I’m going to share some make-up tips that I have discovered/found useful over time.

If you missed my first post regarding my five make-up tips you can click HERE to read.

Setting Sprays and Finishing Sprays Are Normally Two Different Products
I cannot tell you the amount of time that I’ve heard someone recommend MAC Prep +Prime Fix + 100ml | £17.00 as a setting spray, but by the very name alone, a setting spray suggests something that sets your make up in place, almost like a hair spray for the face (please don’t try this).
A finishing spray is something that helps to finish your make up look, something that makes it look more natural and less cakey.
Now, you can have a spray that does both, but 9 times out of 10 they are two separate products and MAC Fix + to me is merely a finishing spray.
If you’re looking for setting spray try Inglot Makeup Fixer 50ml | £7.00  it’s affordable and does exactly what it says on the tin without the use of alcohol and parabens.
If you’re looking for an inexpensive finishing spray try Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater 236ml | £10.25.

Colour Correcting Can Help You Avoid Cakiness
I have a confession to make and I’m not proud of it –  I’m a face picker.
I just cannot leave a spot alone, which has ultimately left me with quite noticeable scarring on my face, I also have darkness under my eyes and around my mouth.
This discolouration cannot be hidden by one layer of foundation and therefore tends to show up grey and ashy. Some may be tempted to apply layers and layers of concealer and foundation to cover up the discolouration which can lead to serious cakiness and that’s a straight out no.
So what do you do?
Colour correct.
A peach/salmon/true orange coloured corrector should be applied on top of any discolouration for tan – deep skin tones preferably before foundation.
The corrector will help to mute out the discolouration allowing you to not only disguise your dark marks but also use less foundation and concealer which ultimately helps to banish cakiness.
I like to use the following correctors:
MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Peach Lustre | £19.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Dark (Coral) | £39.00
Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal Palette in Dark (Orange | £5.00
LA Girl Pro Conceal in Orange | £2.99 – £4.99
To see how I colour correct click HERE, I’ll also try to get a video up on my channel soon regarding my colour correction routine in more depth.

Foundation That Are Too Light Or Too Dark Can Work In Your Favour
There is nothing more annoying than finding out that a foundation is too light or too dark for you but don’t give it away just yet!
Use lighter foundations as your winter colour and darker foundation as a summer colour or better yet still why not use them to add definition to your face?
The darker foundation can be applied to the perimeter of your face, whilst the lighter shade can be used for the center or anywhere you wish to highlight – just remember to blend well. This technique will work well with foundations that are one to maybe two shades out.
You can also mix the two foundations if you love the finish to get the perfect shade or use each of them to manipulate the shades of foundations you already own.
The possibilities are almost endless, just give them a chance to do good first! πŸ˜‰

Mix Your Lipsticks
I cannot remember the last time I wore one lipstick on my lips.
These days I am FOREVER mixing up to 3/4 shades to get the perfect colour for me.
Mix what you have to enhance or vamp up your reds, add vibrancy to your purples, make nudes wearable for your skin tone and to darken/lighten shades.
Some of my favourite combos are:
MAC Deep Love and OCC Marion Lip Tar (Ombre brown lip)
-Lime Crime Salem with Makeup Monsters Just Add Marshmallow (90’s brown)
-Lime Crime Salem with Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick (milk chocolate brown)
Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom and Colourpop LAX (Ombre red lip with LAX as the liner)
MAC Fresh Brew and KIKO Luscious Lip Cream in #503 (Warn Nude)
I’d always recommend having a light nude in your collection, one that would be offensive to wear on its own, as you can use this to lighten browns for a stunning nude.
You should also have a vampy red or deep purple to darken your reds and lastly if you’re into your vampy shades preferably a black lipstick too.
Experiment with what you have!
It’s fun and you’ll create some beautiful shades!

The Way You Apply Your Foundation Affects The Coverage
There are so many different ways to apply your foundation and with the invention of new make-up tools by the month it can be confusing as to why this new brush has been invented, or why everyone is crazy over a sponge but besides the YouTube hype, there is a reason.
Different tools can result in different coverage when it comes to foundation.
For instance when I apply my foundation I use the following tools for specific coverage:
Sheer Coverage to Medium Coverage:
Hands, Damp Beauty Blender, Stipple Brush, Flat Synthetic Foundation Brush
– Medium Coverage to Full Coverage:
Flat Top Powder Brush, Oval Face Brush, Dry Beauty Blender, Kabuki Brush
Play around with your make up tools to see what works for you.

Hope you’ve found these tips useful!

Feel free to share your go-to make-up tips in the comments below!

Nat x



  1. 4 March 2016 / 16:07

    Good tips especially with the makeup coverage!!!

    • 8 March 2016 / 10:20

      Glad you liked the post Matilda! πŸ™‚

  2. 17 March 2016 / 17:45

    Ooh love this post, I've not dabbled with any LA Girl correctors but I love Peach Lustre from MAC – Makeup Atelier Paris waterproof corrector in Ebony Tones 2 is also fantastic may I add… I think you'd love it!

    • 26 April 2016 / 12:12

      Ooo the Makeup Aterlier corrector sounds good, will definitely check that out! πŸ™‚ x

  3. 27 March 2016 / 08:01

    Ha ha I love your phrase about nude lippies "one that would be offensive on its own"πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Nicely put! Like you, I haven't worn an original bought colour in years! I usually lust after a colour and when I finally get it home I customise it to death😈
    Great post, thanks for sharing 😊

    • 26 April 2016 / 12:14

      Customisation is the way forward nowadays, I love mixing shades! πŸ™‚

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