ESSIE Spring 2017 Collection Review Dark Skin Black Skin WoC Makeup Boots Superdrug Nail VarnishESSIE Spring 2017 Collection Review Dark Skin Black Skin WoC Makeup Boots Superdrug Nail VarnishL-R: Excuse Me, Sur, On The Roadie, Designated DJ, Backseat Besties

ESSIE Spring 2017 Collection Review Dark Skin Black Skin WoC Makeup Boots Superdrug Nail Varnish

I don’t really talk about nails on my blog.

I love nail varnish, I love talons, the whole shebang but generally, I’m quite crap when it comes to these things so I tend not to talk about it, however, once in a while a good product (or a few in this case) comes along and I have to say something!

I was sent the essie Spring 2017 Collection to review and I have to say I am pretty impressed.

Now, let me just say I have two essie nail varnishes in my collection already and I love them – you can tell how good they are, quality wise, pretty quickly so I already sort of knew I was going to love this collection.

The new limited edition 2017 Spring Collection* contains 6 shade which encompasses freedom and good times with friends!

Think road trips with your mates in the summer sun…mmm, summer, remember that season?

I was sent four shades:

On the roadie: vibrant green with avocado undertones
Designated DJ: plum sangria creme
Backseat besties: delicate pink plumier
Excuse me, sur: sun kissed coral mango

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about all of the shades bar Designated DJ, deep plums/purples are a no brainer on brown skin but I tend to shy away from softer, lighter shades because I feel that they might look “off” against my skin tone but I was wrong.

On the roadie has become my surprise favourite – who knew avocado green would work so well with my skin tone!

The opacity and ease of applying is also another bonus with essie.

I am THE WORST at applying nail varnish – seriously, I even messed up the swatches, the picture above was my second take but I find with Essie varnishes things are a little easier.

Firstly, application is a breeze!
I don’t know whether it’s a combination of the brush that fans perfectly or the formula which has the right consistency (not too runny, not too thick) but I find that I have an opaque but glossy nail in less than 10 minutes which is a feat for me.
Drying time is another bonus as I always and I mean, always smudge my nail varnish but it seems essie varnishes dry super quick meaning less smudges which is a small but significant win for me.

All in all I have nothing bad to say about this collection!
I love it!
The shades speak summer to me and despite my reservations, they also look perfect on deep/dark skin.

I’m already thinking about the next shade to wear, maybe Excuse me, sur.

The essie Spring 2017 Collection is available at until May at Superdrug and Boots.

Nat x


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