First Look At Sam Marcel Cosmetics

I love discovering new makeup brands, I think the presence of newer brands really does help keep the “always excited about makeup” part of me going so when Sam Marcel reached out to me I was eager to try out their products.

I was sent 3 items from Sam Marcel:

That Glow Glow Highlight Palette – $30.00

Colette Liquid Lipstick – $15.00

Angeline Satin Lipstick – $15.00

The first thing that struck me was their packaging, never have I seen faux velvet packaging on a product before. It really does add to the value of the brand, you know they are proud of their products. 

Once you get over the outer packaging you move onto the packaging of the products themselves which are cased in black and gold – super luxurious!

The first thing I gravitated towards was the highlighting palette.

You get 6 highlighters for $30 which is pretty impressive. The quality of the highlighters does not disappoint either. These highlighters are buttery and pigmented, they are also my favourite type of highlighter, the ones that make your skin look like it’s glowing from within rather than a bunch of shimmer powder sitting on your cheek. I have to admit this is my favourite of the 3 and I’ve been using this pretty religiously.

Next was Collete Liquid Lipstick. Out of the 3, this was my least favourite, not because of the formula but the colour, it’s not something I would wear so I gave this to my mum. I can’t say much about the formula as I haven’t worn it but upon first look, it seemed to be more of a mousse texture rather than a liquid texture and in my experience, these are the most comfortable to wear.

I then moved on to Angelique, which is a really pretty pink nude. This applied like a dream, it’s really moisturising but this doesn’t affect the pigmentation which was impressive. My ONLY qualm was that it looked a bit too light on my skin tone which is a shame. It showed up as more of a pale pink on me and if you know me, I’m not one for pale pinks at all, unfortunately.

Colour choices aside, I was really impressed with Sam Marcel, they offer really high-quality products at decent prices when compared with most of the other brands out there. You can tell a lot of work is put into each product from the packaging onwards and that’s nice to see in this day and age. The products themselves are also vegan, cruelty, paraben and gluten free.

I would definitely recommend checking them out as I don’t think you will be disappointed at all.

Sam Marcel is based in the US.

Nat x


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