Covergirl Full Spectrum Bronzer – Ebony Bronze is back!

Covergirl Full Spectrum Bronzer Ebony Bronze
Covergirl Full Spectrum Bronzer Ebony Bronze

L-R: Covergirl Queen Ebony Bronze (old), Covergirl Full Spectrum Ebony Bronze (new), Fenty Beauty Mocha Mami, Benefit Toasted, Morphe Fantabulous

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I know, I know, I’ve been MIA for the longest time. 

Whilst I’ve been wanting to write, life and the everlasting chore of adulthood has taken over.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and make any promises but I’ll try really hard to be more consistent on here.

Today’s post is about the return of one of my favourite beauty items out there – yes, you read right – the Covergirl Ebony Bronze Bronzer is back!!

A lot of people, including myself, were gutted to learn that Covergirl had discontinued this affordable bronzing gem for black skin.

Along with the discontinuation of Guerlain’s Terracotta Bronzer in 08, our offerings were virtually none back in the day, so I and many others held onto our much loved, unashamedly over expired bronzers until we found a suitable a replacement.

Whilst the world of bronzers has a few more options now compared to around 2 years ago, nothing compared to Ebony Bronze.

So imagine my surprise when scrolling through my Instagram TL I saw a swatch from Dark Skinned Makeup Daily announcing that Ebony Bronze was back! I was honestly overjoyed!

As I live in the UK, there’s always a struggle trying to get US products over here but ordering this was so simple and cheap as chips! 

Firstly, you need to order from, not

This step is important.

Shopping has changed dramatically in the last few years and it’s now much easier to order items from the US, as a result of this, shopping off is a breeze. You can type in “covergirl full spectrum ebony bronze” or you can simply click on this affiliate link HERE which will take you to the product page.

Ebony Bronze currently retails somewhere between $8-9 which is around £6-£7/8 (not bad, right) but what about shipping, I hear you ask? Well, the shipping charge for standard delivery (around 10 working days) is currently $5 which is roughly £4 at the most!

In total, my order came to £10.99 which I was more than happy with and if I can remember right, came within 10 working days without any custom charges.


In terms of the bronzer itself, the most noticable difference is the packaging. Gone is the hard brown plastic backing. The new bronzer is now contained in a more contemporary clear thick plastic case, which I kinda like, however this coupled with the new texture (I’ll touch on this in a bit) means it can look messy but that’s not a dealbreaker for me.

The name has also changed.

Covergirl have taken Ebony Bronze away from their older and discontinued Queen range and have now added it to their Full Spectrum range.

The product itself has not changed that much in my opinion, however, let’s bear in mind that I’ve had my old Queen bronzer for far too long.

In fact, the only slight difference was in the texture.

The new Full Spectrum bronzer is a little softer, making the product easier to pick up with a brush. If you have the old Queen bronzer, you’ll be familiar with the need to scrape the surface to get any sort of product on your brush.

It was frustrating but over time you accepted it.

No such thing needed here at the moment, but this could change over time.

The shade has not changed either (thank you CG!) with it being near identical to the Queen version. A matte burnt red-brown with subtle gold shimmer. The only reason why the old swatch looks deeper than the new one is because I had to build up the swatch for it to show up on my arm.

So, do I still stan for this bronzer? 


It’s a perfect shade and the first product I ever used when it came to succesfully bronzing black skin.

Now all we need is for GC to really go FULL SPECTRUM with their bronzer sand create a deeper equivalent and we’ll be winning.

Let me know if you have the Covergirl bronzer in your collection.

Nat x


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  1. astou
    31 July 2019 / 08:16

    Thank you darling !!!!
    I’ve just odered 2 from via your link !
    I’ve wanted it for years but can’t have it in France.
    Can’t wait to receive it, thans again !!!

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