Makeup Revolution Splendour Glow Bronzers

Revolution Splendour Glow Bronzer Medium Dark dosblog
Revolution Splendour Glow Bronzer Medium Dark dosblog
Revolution Splendour Glow Bronzer Medium Dark dosblog
Revolution Splendour Glow Bronzer Medium Dark dosblog
Revolution Splendour Glow Bronzer Medium Dark dosblog


It’s been a while since I’ve been on here but I come back with a pledge to be more active on dosblog for all of my readers and visitors who are looking for makeup tips and tricks for black skin.

So here I am and I’m starting off with a bang!

Talking about my favourite step in my makeup routine – bronzer!

Revolution Makeup recently came out with bronzers for deep skin and y’all, I am so hyped about them!

If you were not aware of how we ended up with bronzers suitable for black skin, send your thanks to Wendy who contacted Shahira of Team Revolution and set this all in motion!

The Makeup Revolution Glow Splendour Bronzers retail for £8 and come in 6 shades, 5 of which (Light, Medium Dark, Dark, Deep, Deep Dark) are suitable for deep skin. 

Out of the 5 shades, I picked up 3:

  • Medium
  • Medium Dark
  • Dark

I want to point out that I think these bronzers are a first.

Never can I remember a time, in my 32 years on this earth, that we’ve been able to buy an affordable bronzer on the high street in an array of shades for deep dark skin.

History has been made here.

In terms of the bronzers themselves, you get 15.5g of product for £8 which is outstanding and almost as big as the Morphe and Charlotte Tilbury bronzers which are considerably higher in price. 

The bronzers smell like the drink pina colada, which I would probably love if I didn’t have many a written off night due to my low alcohol tolerance in my teens. The scent does disappear once you apply it so for people who don’t like scents, you’re still good here.

The Splendour bronzers are completely matte (but buttery), which I prefer when it comes to bronzers, I want to be able to control the amount of shimmer on my cheeks. I would say, however, be careful when you do apply these as going overboard with a reddish matte brown can leave your skin looking a little muddy unless blended out properly, so take your time to apply and blend as you go. 

The matte finish also aides with the colour payoff which is incredible by the way, especially considering the fact that you’re only parting with 8 of your pounds. I honestly think MR could have charged way more for these and I would still be impressed. 

Medium works great if you’re new to bronzing (and around my skin tone) and want something a little bit subtle but still visible.

Medium Dark is cool-toned for my complexion and for this reason, I would use this as a contour instead of a bronzer.

Dark is a rich reddish-brown that doesn’t look too crazy in the pan but is loaded with pigment, perfect for those of you who love a lot of bronzer. 

From my video above, I think Dark is also a pretty great dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer in Deep so if you were thinking of which one to get, I would recommend picking up the Splendour bronzers to save yourselves quite a bit of coinage. I have the Airbrush bronzer and I honestly can not spot a big difference between the two (besides the price.)  I bought the CT bronzer for the sake of reviewing but if I had to decide which one I like better it would definitely be the MR bronzers.

All in all, I think Makeup Revolution have done wonders here catering to various shades of deep dark skin which is so important, without compromising on quality or price.

If you’re second-guessing picking these up, I’m telling you now, buy them!

You will NOT be disappointed!

Nat x




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